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How Can Business Business From Call Answering Services

No one likes to speak to a voicemail machine, especially when they have a problem and are in need of immediate assistance. If the call is urgent and results from an emergency situation, the individual more than likely will hang up and seek help elsewhere, even if they’ve been a loyal customer or client for an extended period of time.

Highly trained staff

To avoid this pitfall, attract new customers and retain existing ones, services provided by a call centre should be incorporated into any business model where it is necessary for employees to communicate directly with others outside of their organization. Customers want to feel that personal touch when entrusting organizations with their business. Call answering services provide the perfect solution as they have highly trained staff on hand to take detailed messages and deliver them in a timely manner. This enables secretaries to easily prioritize messages and return calls in the order of importance during normal operating hours.

If an emergency arises, the call answering services are also available to quickly filter and dispatch the appropriate individual(s) within the organization if needed. This is especially important in the medical field since emergencies constantly take place, such as child birth, and obstetricians need to be reached at any time of the day or night. In addition, certain issues within households must be taken care of in a prompt manner to prevent catastrophic situations. For example, a pipe leak can turn into a massive flood in a short period of time, so plumbers and maintenance specialists should always be on-call should an event of this magnitude occur after hours.

Understanding the business

Call answering services are also beneficial because their staff members are often equipped with basic knowledge about the businesses that they are serving. This enables them to lead callers in the right direction and answer frequently asked questions. In some cases, the customer may not even realize that they are speaking with an answering service. Some services even have bilingual agents on hand to assist those customers who are not fluent in English.

All of these benefits are available to businesses at an affordable rate. Cost savings will result since the call answering service can be hired at management’s convenience. For example, if the services are only needed after hours and on the weekends, this would be perfectly fine. Perhaps the organization is having an important client meeting or would like to give the secretaries a break during the holiday party? This works as well. Some very small businesses simply want to focus on their products and services and can’t necessarily afford a full-time secretary to always be on site to answer the phone. This makes call answering services the perfect option for them.

Businesses can make voicemails and automated systems a thing of the past by using these services. They are cost-efficient, and assure that there won’t ever be a missed or ignored call. A human will always be available to make that connection with the customer, regardless of the situation at hand.  For more information about Extend Communications, visit